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Men and women are fond of wearing different kinds of branded jackets. How would you feel if you are offered the newly launched fashionable model of stormtech jackets? Hopefully exited! There are lots of brands in the open market that are reputed to supply jackets for winter season. But, among them these kinds of jackets are really excellent. The mountaineers and the persons who want to make a visit to the cold countries or to the snowy area. These jackets are basically waterproof and made of nylon, you can wear it in boat skiing. Water will not touch on your body.

To have the better winter jackets, you have searched for different kinds of products. Most probably you are not able to find out the brand of what to buy. Just simply learn the details of the brand and collect information of the jacket; you will learn a lot about it. For men and women there are lot of kind of jackets with variegated colors and styles. You will get the colors those suites with your other outer ornaments. There are of models laden with colors, basically same color and sometimes mixed colors are available on the models of these jackets.

You will get stylish cut and its stitching. Different kinds of model have stylish stitching. You will get stylish hoodie for your jackets. On the other hand, you will get full sleeve jackets and sleeveless ones for light cold weather. You will get different kinds of jackets fashionable but highly cold protective. The style of zippers has a great attraction to the men and women. Cross zipped pockets of the jackets are really steal attention of the others.

The stormtech jackets are made of hundred percent polyester fabrications. Inside the jackets, you will get 2, 3, 4, etc. layers of H2XTREME shell jackets. This protects to go out of the heat of the body, and protects cold to intrude inside from the outside atmosphere. You have to buy your jackets according to the purpose. For light cold, wear light jackets and for biting cold, wear thick jackets.

When quality and fashion are wanted from a jacket, you should only buy stormtech jackets. You will get these jackets in the selling counter of Fresh Image Screen Print. Besides printing tees, this shop sells t-shirts and jackets by retail sale through store and online. You will always get quality products at reasonable price along with reliable services. so, why are you waiting? Place an order for your jacket, now!

All the successful commercial screen printing shop of studio wants to retain its popularity by the service and quality of their printings. The color combination, lively imaging, using permanent colors with non- harmful ingredients, custom image and sketching, etc. make a printing shop reputed to the people. The false statement regarding all these cannot stay for a long time. Here, the reputation of the company hampers, and reduces the customer base. When the demand and desire of the customers can be fulfilled by the service provider, you they will be happy with the service and will spread the reputation far and wide. The innovativeness, depending on the commercial customized printing, the marketplace of it invigorates.

There are different kinds of screen printing technology. Depending on the printing machine, its ink quality, etc., the quality of the entire printing varies. The Fresh Image Screen Print is the best shop of screen printing of Toronto that provides the best quality printing assurance that satisfies the customers for printing t-shirts and similar kinds of clothes.


Screen printing is a technology with which a printing technique is implied where a woven mesh is utilized that support an ink blocking template. The stencils are designed to transmit inks and other printing materials. The printable materials have been pressed over the mesh on the printing block. The roller is moved over the stencils to press and print it. The ink is supplied then, through the woven threads of mesh in the open part of the printer. This is the common way of screen printing Toronto.

With the size and slight improvements of technology, this printing style can be followed to print T-shirts, shares, shirts and similar other garments. If you think of screen printing on T-shirts only, the machine will be comparatively smaller the machine of printing large clothes. Though, there is a new technology where printing of long and large clothes can be done with a small machine. The delivery of product per hour can be defined according to the supply capacity of the machine.

This technology is now widely used to create custom printing of Tees. You will get screen printing facility of your desired design on the favorite Tees. Fresh Image Screen Print is offering this service so that the men of today can get their desired image and slogans on their Tees. From the little kids to the aged ones can get their favorite Tees printed from this printing shop. Just you have to visit the store and get your desired printing in a short period of time.